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So, i finally got my first hack (and also my first comment). Thank you both! I'm learning ;-)
And some other news: Google AdSense seems to work (I shouldn't try it in Safari), but Google Analytics makes me kind of depressed. It always says "Waiting for data... analytics has been successfully installed. Data will get captured from now on."

... and I'm waiting since two days...

Well, let's get over to another topic:

There are always improvings in finding new places to post ads, for example we now have ads also on the supermarket-floor, on every plasticbag and even cars, which are just for driving big poster ads around. (Unfortunately I don't have a photo of this weird car... have to get it!)

And recently, I found this one:

It's on walls somewhere in the underground of Munich. I also found them near schools etc.... It says: "See, what runs criss-cross", kind of hard to translate, because it's also a saying, a wordplay.

It advertises the very innovative TV broadcast "QUER", which runs once a week in the so called "BR", the Bavarian TV sender. They show what doesn't work out so good. Nice funny topics, which aren't always politically correct. Also the guests are very cool. But: I don't really understand, why they "spray" there ad on walls. Perhaps it's like a revolutionized ad, but I wonder about:

Isn't it illegal to spray on walls in general?
Did they pay for spraying the walls?
Why don't they try normal ads? (okay, well, they tried, i liked it, but this one is kind of very crazy...)

So to me, it's a big mystery at the moment. Any ideas?

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Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

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