Baby Bacardi

Please be considerate, I currently found that there are millions of layout templates out there for blogger. So I will try out some new look and feels, but hopefully something will succeed... AdSense is also off for the moment, as I'm switching the layout he also deleted it, so I haven't copy pasted it back again yet.

Will come soon. Don't think you will miss it...

So, face the topic. Today I wanna talk about drugs. Yes, exactly, the bad alcohol. Don't know how this is regulared in foreign countries, but in Germany they are allowed to advertise for it.

The only thing the law says for such advertises, that they have to write a little note at the bottom:
"Responsible enjoyment (!!!!) as from 18 years". (In Germany every hard liquor is allowed as you turn 18!)

But: As it's nice old paper ad, the paper has to be glued. And sometimes, the "gluer" isn't very exactly. So the outcome is, that it looks as if the paper says "Responsible enjoyment as from 1". Dear Bacardi, did you really think printing this sentence on the edge was a good idea?


hallo - innovative new ad forms

So, i finally got my first hack (and also my first comment). Thank you both! I'm learning ;-)
And some other news: Google AdSense seems to work (I shouldn't try it in Safari), but Google Analytics makes me kind of depressed. It always says "Waiting for data... analytics has been successfully installed. Data will get captured from now on."

... and I'm waiting since two days...

Well, let's get over to another topic:

There are always improvings in finding new places to post ads, for example we now have ads also on the supermarket-floor, on every plasticbag and even cars, which are just for driving big poster ads around. (Unfortunately I don't have a photo of this weird car... have to get it!)

And recently, I found this one:

It's on walls somewhere in the underground of Munich. I also found them near schools etc.... It says: "See, what runs criss-cross", kind of hard to translate, because it's also a saying, a wordplay.

It advertises the very innovative TV broadcast "QUER", which runs once a week in the so called "BR", the Bavarian TV sender. They show what doesn't work out so good. Nice funny topics, which aren't always politically correct. Also the guests are very cool. But: I don't really understand, why they "spray" there ad on walls. Perhaps it's like a revolutionized ad, but I wonder about:

Isn't it illegal to spray on walls in general?
Did they pay for spraying the walls?
Why don't they try normal ads? (okay, well, they tried, i liked it, but this one is kind of very crazy...)

So to me, it's a big mystery at the moment. Any ideas?


Iced Kaiserschmarrn

Over to a typical austrian delicatesse: the famous "Kaiserschmarrn" (pronouned like "keyser-shmurrn"). It's a sweet warm dessert, but can be also served as main meal with applesauce. It's one of my favourite meals :-)

My dictionary says, the correct translation is cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins.

So, I recently walked by a new ice cream parlor in Munich, where I found that sign:

The posessor of this shop is a very famous and popular cook in Germany, Alfons Schuhbeck (sorry, no English description of him avaiable...)

The sign says:
"Spaghetti Ice Cream"
"Diverse Ice Sundaes"
"Iced Kaiserschmarrn"
"Rice pudding & Parfait"

WHAT? Iced Kaiserschmarrn? Next time I walk by I have to try this...

Chocolate Fever

Also I'm not very old, I like epecially retro-designed ads. Here is a very nice example:

It says: "Attention! Dangers of addiction" and "The most popular Chocolate Milk of Holland is now also avaiable in Germany."
"Chocomel - forbidden good!"

(Do I have to worry if I have to look up, how the word "chocolate" is spelled correctly?!)


Climate Changes

Why is my title getting hieroglyphic (crumpy word) as soon as I typed it ?


But I see, Google is improving Blogger. Now they save my posting nearly every second - a little bit scary Web 2.0, which wasn't the case yesterday...

So what's bothering? CLIMATE CHANGES!

Everybody is talking about, but is it enough?

Also our local newspapers (e.g. Abendzeitung and of course BILD) make some dramatic headlines and force climate-campaigns with joy.

It says:
Results - Claims - Aspects"

(Excuse the bad quality, it's night.)

I think, instead of panic and cry for their moms and dads, what happened to our planet, please, dear automobile-producer, do something!

At least YOUR the one, who can really change the CO2-emissions of your own cars!


PS: After correcting this post the hieroglyphic elements are okay now. (also the tags were like that!) Crazy. And I'm looking for the option, where I can turn the spell-check off... Because posting in English with german settings is not okay for Google, it seems.


Rock out without style!

So, not enough Ashlee Simpsons is on TV, everywhere in the radio or in films, she also advertises for Sketcher shoes.
Please, Ashlee, look at your shoes. Do you really think, they're cool ?


First Vital Signs

So, let's get started.

I'm wondering, how it will be to post everything in English, although my mother tongue is German. But I think it will be much easier than it seems now to me.

So dear readers, excuse me if my English is not perfect like a native one.
Thanks for your appreciation.