Baby Bacardi

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So, face the topic. Today I wanna talk about drugs. Yes, exactly, the bad alcohol. Don't know how this is regulared in foreign countries, but in Germany they are allowed to advertise for it.

The only thing the law says for such advertises, that they have to write a little note at the bottom:
"Responsible enjoyment (!!!!) as from 18 years". (In Germany every hard liquor is allowed as you turn 18!)

But: As it's nice old paper ad, the paper has to be glued. And sometimes, the "gluer" isn't very exactly. So the outcome is, that it looks as if the paper says "Responsible enjoyment as from 1". Dear Bacardi, did you really think printing this sentence on the edge was a good idea?

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Erik Steel said...

1 Jahren! Haha, oops!