Climate Changes

Why is my title getting hieroglyphic (crumpy word) as soon as I typed it ?


But I see, Google is improving Blogger. Now they save my posting nearly every second - a little bit scary Web 2.0, which wasn't the case yesterday...

So what's bothering? CLIMATE CHANGES!

Everybody is talking about, but is it enough?

Also our local newspapers (e.g. Abendzeitung and of course BILD) make some dramatic headlines and force climate-campaigns with joy.

It says:
Results - Claims - Aspects"

(Excuse the bad quality, it's night.)

I think, instead of panic and cry for their moms and dads, what happened to our planet, please, dear automobile-producer, do something!

At least YOUR the one, who can really change the CO2-emissions of your own cars!


PS: After correcting this post the hieroglyphic elements are okay now. (also the tags were like that!) Crazy. And I'm looking for the option, where I can turn the spell-check off... Because posting in English with german settings is not okay for Google, it seems.

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