Iced Kaiserschmarrn

Over to a typical austrian delicatesse: the famous "Kaiserschmarrn" (pronouned like "keyser-shmurrn"). It's a sweet warm dessert, but can be also served as main meal with applesauce. It's one of my favourite meals :-)

My dictionary says, the correct translation is cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins.

So, I recently walked by a new ice cream parlor in Munich, where I found that sign:

The posessor of this shop is a very famous and popular cook in Germany, Alfons Schuhbeck (sorry, no English description of him avaiable...)

The sign says:
"Spaghetti Ice Cream"
"Diverse Ice Sundaes"
"Iced Kaiserschmarrn"
"Rice pudding & Parfait"

WHAT? Iced Kaiserschmarrn? Next time I walk by I have to try this...

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